Manis are ters sayings and they are very common in Anatolia. These are usually anonym. The manis are quite common around Kahramanmaraş. There are many manis recited in the city centre, districts and villages. The migrant women who settled in Ilıca during the migrations from Rumelia to Anatolia recite manis during the events on the 6th of May Hıdrellez. They are also sung in entertainments by women. In addition, there is a tradition of singing mani in the spring season in other parts of our country, apart from the Hıdrellez day.

Before starting to sing mani, a bowl of water is placed in the middle. Women and young girls throw valuable things such as rings, hairpins, etc. into the bowl. The bowl is covered with a cloth. When the one singing mani begins to sing, the items thrown into the bowl are taken out one by one by a child. The mani, which is sung, tells the fortune of the one to whom the object removed from the bowl belongs to. They call this game as “mentuvar”.