The Idioms of Maraş


Abayı yakmak: To fall in love.

Abdal çadırı: The place where there is no treat for the guests.

Abdal çalıyor, cingan oynuyor: Messy, untidy, disorderly.

Acısını çıkarmak: To take revenge, pay off.

Aç gezip tok sallanmak: To show off in order to hide poverty.

Aç kabadayı gömleksiz kibar efendi: To try to continue the old nobleness ignoring the current povery conditions.

Açtı ağzını, yumdu gözünü: To talk without thinking angrily.

Adı çıkmak: To be labelled with disglory.

Ahı gidip vahı kalmak: To lose strength.

Aklına muheyt ol: Hold together.

Al birini, vur ötekine: It means that there is no difference between two things.

Al sana bir iş: It is used when there is an incident at an unexpected moment.

Analar beze sararmış: The idiom, also used as “Analar kundağa sarmamış”, is used for people who are very intelligent, talented, hardworking, but also a little naughty.

Anası ayran, babası çökelek: To come from a poor family.

Anası soğan, babası sarımsak: To come from a poor family.

Apık sapık konuşmak: To speak illogically.

Apışıp kalmak: To be suprised.

Aralıkta kalmak: To have no place to take refuge.

Ard eteği ıslık çalmak: To be too hectic.

Avdet etmek: To return.

Avrat yerine kalayı kucaklamak: To do something in a wrong way.

Ayağın göl, aşın sel: It means, you did not listen to my words, then you can do whatever you want and bear the consequence.

Ayıkla pirincin taşını: It is used to express the unsolvable situation which became complex.

Babanı neye getirmedin: This expression is used when a grown boy goes to a Turkish bath for women.

Bağrına taş basmak: To feel indifferent.

Bahta bakan: Chamelon.

Bakır çalmak: Deterioration of food by staying too long in untinned copper vessels.

Bal etmez arı olmak: To produce nothing while trying in appearance.

Baldırı cıplak: Poor, someone who has nothing.

Baltayı sen vur da ıhını ben söyleyim: To encourage someone who works.

Başı lahd ağacına değmek: To face a difficulty which is hard to overcome.

Başına yetmek: To get one’s deserts.

Batal olmak: To go down, disappear, get lost.

Bayrak düren: Sinister, someone who turns the wedding day into a funeral.

Baz almak: To take it as a measure.

Beh vurmak: To increase.

Bel vermek: Bending of the poles due to the load on it, to resist, to be stubborn.

Belim berk: I have confidence.

Berdar etmek: To hang on the gallows.

Beşir etmek: To achieve.

Bey vurmak: To determine the price of the goods during the shopping and to give a deposit to the owner.

Bir deri bir kemik kalmak: To become thin, to weaken, to become skinny.

Bir dikili ağacı olmamak: Not to own any property.

Bir dinde durmamak: To constantly change decisions.

Bir eli yağda, bir eli balda olmak: To lead a comfortable life.

Bir Köroğlu, bir Ayvaz: A husband and wife whose children got married and left.

Birdemlik gelmek: To come not to go, to go to the father's house not to return to her husband's house again.

Boş gezenin boş kalfası olmak: to have no job.

Boyacı küpü mü: It is used to express that the task is difficult when a matter is requested to be solved quickly.

Boyun olmak: To testify, to be a guarantor.

Bölük pürtük: small, little.

Burnundan kıl aldırmamak: To be arrogant.

Burnunun yivi yok: Someone who does not know what shame is.

Car car etmek: To talk too much and uselessly

Cecikleri gevşedi: He got convinced of the event, he relaxed.

Cerre çıkmak: In ancient times, to disperse to villages in order to collect money and provisions and to act as imams and muezzins.

Cıba bendek: Someone who lost everything, naked.

Cıbalağı çıkmak, cıbılığı çıkmak: To get wet.

Cin eniği: Son of a gun, smart person.

Cumbur cemaat: Together

Çam sakızı çoban armağanı: Excuse statement of small gift.

Çapıt çürüğü:  This term is used for men who follow the word of their wives.

Çarha vurmak: To hone in the wheel, to sharpen.

Çem basmak: To ignore the event.

Çil yavrusu gibi dağılmak: To be in a mess, to be in trouble.

Çirtikli terlik: A cap made of calico, the edges of which are embroidered with silk, worn by young men in the summer.

Davara gitmek: Used for those who waste their time, spend their time doing nothing, go to graze animals.

Dayak durmak: To stand as a buttress.

Defterini dürdü: He finished his job.

Dem sürmek: To live happily.

Deveyi kucağa alıp karıncaya bindirmek: To bear the burden that one cannot handle.

Dıdısının dıdısı: A very distant relative, ‘you said my relative, but he is dıdısı of dıdısı’.

Dışa gitmek: To have a relationship with another woman while married.

Dışarı çıkmak: To go to the bathroom.

Dışlığı gelmemek: To get bored.

Dik alanın daniskası: The exact truth, the truth itself.

Dikili düşmek: To appear suddenly.

Dil dibeği, dilli dibek: Someone who deceives everyone with sweet words.

Dil otu yemiş: Someone who can convince everyone with words.

Dimdik durmak: To standing upright, the child who is eager to walk stands on his feet without holding on to a place.

Diriz elinç etmek: To make agonise.

Diş çalmak: To bite.

Döh çekmek: To shout "Döh"

Dölek durmak: To be clever and obeying.

Duluğu güzel: A child with mumps and a cheek written with prayer.

Dük atmak: Straight shot, to throw marbles well.

Dülüğü düşmek: To starve to death.

Düttürü leyla: Giglet.

Düzüm düzüm olmak: To be in a row.

Efendime söyleyeyim: After that.

Eke toka: Smart, crafty.

Ekmedim bostan, yemedim karpuz: Not to see a good day - reign - in this world.

Eksik etek, esik etek:  Bad words used for light women.

El kiri: Money, unnecessary, unimportant.

Eli belinde, eli böğründe: Side support placed under the overhangs in wooden structures.

Eli işte gözü oynaşta olmak: Not to show the necessary interest in one’s job.

Elin kızı: It is used for the newcomers or wives.

Elini öptüğüm: Expression of respect for the other.

Eliyin artığı: When describing the food he ate in Maraş, it is used to mean the leftovers of the food you ate, as an expression of respect.

Engil almak: To remove the unnecessary bottom shoots that take the strength of the grape-producing branches of the vineyard bar.

Enikli gancık: Female dog with puppies.

Eski köye yeni âdet getirmek: To acquire something that does not exist.

Eşeğin terkisi: The back of the donkey to ride.

Etliye sütlüye karışmamak: To stay away from problems, to live on your own.

Eyyam dümbeleği: The man of the day.

Fan fan ulumak: Deserted, silent.

Fellik fellik aramak: To rummage.

Fırıl fırıl fırlamak: To wander fast.

Firik ütmek: To lightly cook grain on a stalk or branch over a fire.

Fit olmak: To agree.

Fon fon ulumak: To be left alone.

Gadasını almak: To take someone’s troubles and problems.

Gafadan atmak: To make up.

Gafasını küllük dutmak: To lower head a litte.

Gâh etmek: To call, to guide the play.

Gâh gelmek: Not to pay the price.

Ganalgası tez: Someone who believes easily.

Gara gura görmek: To have a frightening, meaningless, irrational dream.

Garamet gandan çetin: Being slandered is worse than anything else.

Garip yiğit: On someone’s own, someone who does no harm to anyone.

Garnı zil çalmak: To starve.

Gaynanası severmiş: If someone comes over a meal, it is said to be a compliment. Literally, it means that the mother in law likes the groom.

Gazzık atmak: To cheat in trade.

Gırgıbak koparmak: To make a fuss around, to commit immorality.

Göz değmek: To cause evil eye.

Gözünün kökü gövermek: To starve.

Gulağının tözü: The eardrum, back of the ear.

Guru guru kadanı alim, tahır tahır yoluna ölim: If I love without doing nothing, I will die on your path while my bones shake.

Guzgun akıllı: Cunning, sneaky.

Güman gelmek: To believe.

Ha geldi ha gelecek: He got close enough, it's almost time for him to come.

Hacil düşürmek: To embarrass, to humiliate.

Halâs etmek: To save.

Hamı kesilmek: The ash is thrown in the boiled molasses and the residue settles to the bottom, the vineyard and orchard are digged for the first time, the animals are taken out of the barn where they stay in the spring and winter and their feet get used to walk again.

Hamur yoğuran: Praying mantis.

Har vurup harman savurmak: To spend the possessions haphazardly.

He hey zılgıt: It’s like the wedding place.

Hecil düşmek: To be ashamed.

Hel olmak: To pour everything, to get dirty.

Her kafadan bir avaz: Babelesque, disorderliness.

Her taşın altından çıkmak: To interfere in everything whether it is related or not.

Herinen heç: Means nothing.

Herk etmek: To fallow, to cultivate.

Herkes cine kesmiş: To become very crafty.

Hodul gezmek: To walk in clean clothes, to be handsome.

Hop etmek: To throw the children up and then hold.

Hora tutmak: Useless.

Hort atmak: To boast.

Hulgu daralmak: To feel bored.

Humsuluk olmak: To feel a physical discomfort after not being able to taste a food seen.

Iklım tıklım dolmak: Fill up to the brim.

Ilgımını almak: Time to come, to steep.

Iras gitmek: To prosper.

Irzı kırık: Dishonest, unreliable.

Iskartaya çıkartmak: To scrap, to make something useless.

Issını bilmek: To know the owner.

Izbandot gibi: Huge.

İbiği gızarmak: To heal, to caome alive, to recover.

İç güveyinden hallice olmak: Mustn’t grumble.

İğdede de var bekerede de: In the sense that there is both.

İki ayağı bir pabuca sokmak: To rush.

İki ayaklı eşek: Idiot man.

İkrah gelmek: To be weary of, to be fed up with.

İman tahtası: Chest.

İmanı gevremek: To have much difficulty in any situation.

İn hopumdan: Let me go, get off my back.

İntile etmek: To make angry.

İpsiz sapsız: Vaganond, unresponsible.

İşkembeden atmak: To speak without caring about truth or lie.

İşmar etmek: To point, to call with sign.

İt kılı:  Punk, low bred person.

İt yitiği: Some who cannot be found when looked for.

İtin dölü: A third wheel.

İtin hâli kendinin hâli: To lose face.

Kabala almak: To bargain and buy in bulk without taking into account parts or small parts.

Kail olmak: To consent.

Kapalı kutu: It is not known what he does.

Kapıya çıkmak: To go out.

Kayıl olmak: To want, to accept, to consent.

Kaykılıp kalmak: To stand on.

Keçeyi suya atıp çıkan yerini taşlamak: To have a intrepid spirit, to give up hope.

Kendi başını bağlamadan Hunu'ya baş bağlamaya gitmek: To play role in others’ marriage while being single.

Kerestesini öğütmek: To tell what you know.

Kesene ömrüne bereket: It is said to the host who gives a dinner. It is a prayer for both food and the long life.

Kesesine kalmamak: To get just deserts.

Kılı kırk yarmak: To make tiny distinctions.

Kıran girmek: To die as flock (for poultry).

Kırk seferde bir: Once in a blue moon.

Kim kime dum duma: Normlessness, aimlessness and being aimless.

Kirinden kit demek: Dirt rots the fabric and makes it useless.

Kirli çıkın: It is used for stingy and greedy rich people.

Koluna düşmek: To fall into someone’s hands.

Kos kos etmek: To take pride, to boast.

Köklümü eşek: Not that much.

Kökü beleş olmak: To be free.

Kömek olmak: To heap together, to gatger.

Kör itin öldüğü yer: Very distant place.

Kuruya yüzmek: To work free.

Kuyruğu kuş pişirmek: To be too hectic.

Küçen olmak: To want to mate.

Lafın eyâsine vurmak: To converse in deep.

Lavgıya almak: To tease in order to humiliate.

Lödük dikmek: To be successful.

Macca etmek: To be in despair, to be ashamed, to be fed up with life.

Maf olmak: To be ruined, to die, to wear out.

Mal bulmuş mığrıbı: Boor rich man.

Malıyla malamat olmak: To be miserable despite wealth.

Mana mana oynatmak: To make someone do unnecessary things, to make somebody work for humiliating purposes.

Matrah satmak: To ride the high horse.

Mezer altından işemek: To be dissimuler.

Mıh kırığı: Stingy.

Mıheyt olmak: To take care of, to look after.

Mitili sermek: To sit somewehre as if you would stay there forever.

Muşmula suratlı: Unlikable, mediar.

Namırsa siyeç: Brother-in-law.

Nen söylemek: To sing lullaby.

Nevri dönmek: To change color.

Ocağından kül dağıtmak: In the past, since things such as matches and lighters were scarce, after the stoves of the houses were lit, the ember would not be extinguished in order to use the fire when necessary, but would be covered with ashes and put to sleep. Those in need of fire would come and take from there. The stove being lit alt the time was a sign of wealth.

Oğlu gibi everip, kızı gibi gelin etmek: It is used to mean that you have all the authority.

Okrası kızmak: To warm up, to concantrate.

Ondan kellim: After that.

Oruç tuttuğuyla bayram etmemek: Quarrelsome, difficult.

Öllüyün körü: Rubbish! In the context of surprise.

Önüm ardıma dönsün: It is also said as Yönüm ardıma dönsün. It is a vow. It means I swear to God.

Palazı çıkmak: To be exhausted.

Pandılı düşük: Someone wearing untidy clothes.

Para tuzağı: This term is used for ostentatious and useless goods.

Param partal: Messy, disorganized.

Partutuş olmak: To knock knees together.

Perpir tenesi gibi dökülüyordu: She was crying excessively.

Pers olmak: To fall flat.

Püskül tellemek: To grow hair.

Sak durmak: To hide, to be careful, to be cautious.

Sakalını yoldurmak: To have no words anymore, no to be able make others listen.

Saza beze gitmek: To go to a night club.

Seksen kapıya doksan deynek vurmak: To go from door to door.

Sıdkı sıyrılmak: To give up hope, to believe that job will bring no benefits.

Sıtkını sıyırmak: To lose trust in someone, some positions and situations.

Sicim gibi olmak: To be like a string, to be straight.

Simonun iti gibi gezmek: To ramble.

Sohum sohum sokranmak: To complain about the society and the situation on one’s own.

Son soluk: The last breathe.

Sorgu deyişi: The mystery, the question the minstrels ask during the call-and-response duet.

Sömeği pıtmak: To lose order of the things.

Su dökmek: To urinate, to pee.

Sulu sufatlı: A generous and beautiful place near a river.

Suyuna tirit: The act of eating trotter and bread, quiet woman chaser.

Süt yoldaşı: Milk sibling.

Şafağı dağıtmak: To have forehead broken.

Şamar atmak: To slap.

Şamata sandığı: Radio.

Şeytanın beleş amelesi: Someone who does unnecessary works.

Şikara çekmek: To play hard.

Şirifi düşmek: To lose old reputation and beauty.

Taaccüp etmek: To be surprised.

Tapı kılmak: To obey, to carry a torch, to owe loyalty to.

Taş çatlasa: This term is used to mean at most, at worst.

Tava gelmek: The tillage of the land.

Tavuk görse benim diye sahip çıkar: To emphasize the dirtiness of hands and feet.

Tay durmak:  To balance the load while loading a horse or donkey.

Teh düşmek: To pay attention, to notice.

Tehennili olmak: To be careful.

Telef olmak: To die, to disappear, to get lost.

Telli gubur: Flintflock.

Temannah etmek: To surrender, to admit.

Tembih etmek: To advice, to warn.

Temcid pilavı gibi dönüp dönüp anlatmak: To repat the same thing over and over.

Tengil terezi: Tidy.

Tın tın etmek: To speak.

Tırık durna: It is used for weak, skinny children.

Tırlık şalvar: A salwar made of hand-twisted cotton thread, woven in a hand loom, and sewn from thick cloth.

Tırnağın varsa başını kaşı: Do not expect any help from anybody.

Tir olmak: To burn.

Tomus gozu: The walnut growing in July.

Tongaya düşmek: To rise the bait, to be decieved.

Toonak olmak: To fall apart, to collapse.

Torlayıp toplamak: To tidy up.

Toz olmak: To disappear, to be out of sight.

Turası silinmiş: Shamelass man.

Tusda beklemek: To temporize.

Uykumdan zerikledim: I feel sleepy.

Uz durup bek sokmak: To have calm appearance but to make trouble later.

Velhan etmek: To plow and prepare the field to be planted a year later, to rest the field for a year.

Vıddırıvızzık: Useless object.

Ya herro, ya merro: All or none.

Ya taht, ya baht: Either to win or to lose.

Yalama yannık: Indiscreet, chatterer.

Yatıya gitmek: To stay overnight, to grass animals at night.

Yavan tarhana: Valueless, moderate.

Yazının yüzü: Open field.

Yelken külah: Very fast.

Yol üstüne uzatmak: To bury the derelicts by the roadside.

Yolun çiğini açmak: In winter, it rains dew at night. It erases traces on dusty roads. The trace of the first to go from here becomes clear. They call it to open the dew of the road.

Yornuk almak: To rest.

Yumuş buyurmak: To ask someone to do something, to command.

Yükünü üceye yığmak: To sell yourself dearly, to covet, to set your heart on.

Yüreği oynamak: To be terrified, to be excited.

Yüz ağartmak: To satisfy.

Yüzünguyu: Face down, top to bottom, inclined.

Zangadak durmak: To stop suddenly.

Zıbar yat yemeği: The food eaten at bed time, the food eaten after isha.

Zılgıt yemek: To be scolded.

Zımaranın sırtı: Do what do you want.

Zır cahil: Someone who know nothing, ignorant.

Zırnık vermemek: Not to give anything.

Zil vurmak: Rooring of plant.

Zillinin biri: Shameless person.

Zöhürde sahallanmak: It is used to describe a child whose mental age is above the calendar age.  

Zuru bağlanmak: To lose fortune.